Woodworking safety day videos

Today is Woodworking Safety Day, dedicated to all things safety-related in and around the workshop.

Video #1 – Cheap push blocks

Not in response but as an addition to Steve Ramsey’s funny video (see below), these are the push blocks I made for use with my table saw (mostly). They work and are made from scrap or leftovers, but they are still pretty basic. But more professional solutions cost money, so this is intended to fill this gap – between nothing and something properly built and testet. Yes, there are many things you can do yourself rather than buy expensive pre-made solutions, but I do not think that this applies as strongly to safety items as it does to other jigs. At some day I will upgrade – I hope.

Video #2 –  Cheap music earmuffs

This is in relation to Mark Spagnuolo’s video, where he talks about some nifty upgrades for several important safety features. One of them are earmuffs that allow you to listen to music. I have tried making something like that myself, and here is how I did it. Again, it is cheap but far from perfect.

Other WWSD videos:

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