Amazing Grain – Warning, may contain Singing!

You probably know that from time I like to do strange and unexpected things. And with Halloween coming I thought I would take the chance to inspire fear and awe alike with my rendition of Amazing Grain (loosely based on Amazing Grace). I guess you can call this my Halloween video for lack of another contestant. Enjoy if you can, and remember to be Inspired!

And what now?

It is quite understandable that you now fear for what might happen next. Will he sing again? Worse, will he try to high higher notes again? Well, there is the distinct possibility that I will, but whether I will do so in front of the camera I do not know. But I have some ideas for other parodies, so who knows.

What I will do next time around is to work my way backwards. For this video, I went into my shop and just sang. I will not go as far as to claim that I also acted to any extend. Next time, I will start by recording the music, and then take it from there. This way, I can keep the timing in check and maybe even stick with one key throughout the song. Then again, maybe not…

Either way, rest assured that there will be more woodworking soon, and I do not see this being more than a fluke every now and then.

Amazing Grain – Lyrics

Amazing grain, how sweet the spalt,
That brought this board to me.
What once was hidden behind the bark,
is now for me to see.

T’was grain that taught my plane to shear.
And grain, my plane revealed.
How precious will that grain appear
When finish it received.

Through many kick backs, toils and snares
My board already came;
Safety’s what brought me whole thus far
and bring my board to fame.

The plan has promised good to me.
Sketchup my hope secures.
They both will give dimension me,
long as the build endures.

And when I’ve scraped ten thousand years
and never seen the sun.
I’ve no less days to scrape the grain
Than when I’ve first begun.

When graceful comes the final day,
with oil and wax I toil.
To bring the grain to glory yet,
to see it’s figure roil.

And when at last my work is done,
removed from grain all taint.
My wife comes by and asks me yet,
why I did not use paint?


Thanks for reading and watching, and remember to be Inspired!

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