Category: Magic Wands

Almost everywhere that magic is performed, you can find magic wands in one form, shape or size or another. From the “old man’s stick” design to the sleek, more nimble wands common at certain wizarding schools, the need to channel your own magic using a pointy device seems to be commonplace.

Magic aside, wandmaking has many advantages. Wands are easy projects to make, can serve as skillbuilders to hone techniques or practice new ones, and even let you try out completely new and possibly weird ideas. In addition, wands do not take up much space and, even better, make cool gifts!

I make no guarantees that the wands I am making will actually work. I imagine that if they did, I would not be writing this. Instead, I would conjur up a shaving golem to be my personal assistant and do these things for me. And yes, before you ask, I am writing this myself.

Wand more? Then go ahead and check out the variety of magic wands that I have made, and let me know which you like best! And then head into your shop, make one yourself and send me pictures!