Versatile Door Hanger feat. Half Lap Joints

Whether as a replacement for a metal contraption or to make better use of the space behind a door, these versatile door hooks are always a good idea. Not only for the bathroom, where they hold bathrobes and towels, but for other rooms as well. For example, you can hand your brooms in the broom cubboard. And you can even practice making half lap joints on the table saw as you make them. Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

Tool Variations

Of course this project can be tackled with a number of different tools. In this case, the table saw makes short work of the half laps, but the same would be true for a router (in a router table, if possible). Using the band saw would be a little more esoteric, but as long as your aim is true and your cut does not wander, you should be fine, too.

For more apropriately skilled (or less impatient) fellows than me, hand tools are another alternative. Just saw the shoulder of the half lap and chisel away at the waste – carefully, of course. A plane to clean up the faces would be a good idea, too.

Surface finish

Like some other projects I did not paint or finish this one. Maybe I will still do that, but usually, once a project is in its place and being used, it tends to stay there and does not make the extra trip to the shop anymore.

Since it is hanging in our bathroom I am curious to see whether the moisture will have an effect on it, long term. From this point of view it would have been interresting to use non-waterproof glue, but I did not deem myself that daring when I glued it up.

Besides, the best finish, of course, is the significant other naming the project “okay”.

The old Hooks

For those who are worried that I might throw away the old door hanger, you can calm down. I do not intend to trash them. In fact, I want to fix them eventually, even though it will probably be a while before I get to it. For starters, I am thinking of cutting a thread into the rest of the rivet and use a machine screw to hold it in place. If that does not work, there is still the duct tape solution – probably for the broom cupboard, for optical reasons.


Thanks for reading/watching, and please share this link with friends who might be interested in and benefit from it. And of course remember to be Inspired!

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