The Advent Puzzle – Christmas Tree in Pieces

A spin on the classic advent calendar, and as you might have guessed it is a non-lathe design. I actually wanted to make something on my mini lathe, too, but I do not think I will get it done in time. Anyway, I give you my Advent Puzzle, and the template to go along with it. Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

Tool Variations

There are a number of tools capable of creating the groove you need for the ring pieces. The table saw and a router table are probably the easiest, but a handheld router would work as well if you can hold the pieces down properly. Handsaws and router planes might work as well, if you have those – and the skills to go along with them.

If you want to avoid having to center a groove in a thin workpiece to begin with, go ahead and cut a 45° bevel on two pieces of half the required thickness, then glue them together.

The bandsaw’s contribution to the project though, can only be replaced by similar saws, like the scroll saw or a fretsaw if you have the patience. Keep in mind, though, that the bandsaw might be able to cut a number of those pieces at once, and make quicker work of it that way.



Material Variations

Using exotic woods will certainly make staining a mute point, and I imagine that plywood would look great if done right – here you should probably cut down on the sanding, unless you manage to get the flow of layers even on all the branches.

Painting is always an option, too. Paint the basic structure green and all the additional pieces in reds, golds or whatever meets your fancy. This way, the tree will get brighter and more colorful by the day. If you want to go really all-out, paint it in the colors mentioned (or whichever you like), then use thick white paint to add a snow effect on top of every piece.



Thanks for checking by. If you make our own Advent Puzzle based in this design I would love to see it, so send me a picture to Also, if you are already in the spirit check out my other Christmas projects! Merry Christmas, and as always, remember to be Inspired!


And this was also part of the Christmas Ornament Challenge 2014. Check out the other projects here for even more inspiration!


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