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Free plans

Here you can find all the free plans that I have ever published. If is is not here, it does not exist, and if it has my name or logo on it, it is probably a fake – see below. As for what is there, please enjoy and let me know how it goes!

Bandsaw Tulips – TemplateVideo

Additional leaves for the Bandsaw tulips – TemplateVideo

Roof side decoration – roof_side_template_1 & roof_side_template_2 – Video

Make a conch shell horn – Conch horn template – Video

Egyptian Measuring Rod – Egyptian Measuring Stick Ink Transfer Template – Video

The Advent Puzzle – Advent Puzzle Template – Video

The Cerebral Kraken – Cerebral_Kraken_TemplateVideo

Cast in Shadows Tealight Holder – Cast_in_Shadow_Template – Video

New – The Scrap Tree – Scrap_Tree_Template – Video



A quick word on free plans

There is something to be said for free plans. Not only in woodworking. While the idea of selling your work holds its intrigue, offering something for free give you spiritual well-being on a karmic scale. Once again, I am getting way too philosophic. The main reasons these are free is twofold: It did not cost me much (or at all) to make them, and I have used the free plans others have made available to get where I am, and it just does not feel right to charge for what I have made.

I should add that I also believe that it is on the other hand completely acceptable to charge for woodworking plans. Many woodworkers out there have created amazing jigs and machines, made detailed plans for them and are now selling those. That is just fine and what you get is worth the money .I have myself bought such plans in the past, and if I ever create something as large and complex, I might charge for them myself. But I am not there yet by a long shot. Just to make sure you know where I am standing.

One other thing when it comes to buying woodworking plans – there is a scam going on, or rather a number of them, promising “thousands of woodworking plans from the vault of a professional”. And I am telling you, you can do that, too, because all these plans come from free sources and/or are crappy. So do not let yourself be ripped off. Steve Ramsey has a video on this:

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