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Here, you can find anything that has not yet found a home elsewhere – the general stuff!

General Stuff

An Inspired Update

You might have noticed that I uploaded a video every week at the end of last year. It was an experiment on many fronts. One was whether I could do it, and the answer is a strong maybe. I had to do a few emergency talky videos, which is fine,… Continue Reading An Inspired Update

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Tealight Diorama on the Table Saw

You may know – since Mount Tealight – that I enjoy tealights, especially during the dark season.After making a test cut on my table saw I got the idea to make a simple yet appealing holder for one of those – a tealight mountainscape. Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

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Scrap Bin Challenge

a group of Youtube woodworkers conspiring to make projects from their scrap bins? How cool is that? then again, I may be biased (or voreingenommen), but still, it is a great idea April Wilkerson, Steve Carmichael and Peter Brown came up with. This list will be updated regularly, but if I… Continue Reading Scrap Bin Challenge

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