Turn a Serving Cart into a Tray

We all have it – this piece of furniture that you do not like and want to get rid of in good conscience – because the landfill is already big enough. So why not upcycle it? For the cheap stuff from particle board that might not be the best option, but for furniture made from good wood, the options are limitless. Here I turn an old serving cart into a rustic tray. Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!


Shield or Hydra? A Marvel Turncoat’s Plaque

Agents of Shield is a series set in Marvel’s comic universe and ties into their ongoing movie fleet with Avengers at the helm (and soon Avengers 2). If you did not know that, you are seriously missing out – if you are interested in such things. This project features two logos from the series, as well as an attempt to bleach wood that failed. Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!