Make an easy foam brush

Make an easy foam brush from scrap.

While cleaning up my shop, I came across a piece of packing form. Not styrofoam, but the stuff you could imagine using as a pillows. The foam used for foam brushs, or so I believe. So I thought, I will probably never need this, so it has to go. But the voice in my head that always tells me that I might need anything one day intervened, and this time it had a good argument.

So I took a piece of scrap and tested the theory. With nothing but a bolt-washer-wingnut-combo (you might even get away with using a simple wood screw) you can make your own reusable foam brush that can even hold other materials as well.

Just keep in mind that I did not round over the edges of my handle. It sure works as it is, but it will be more comfortable and, if you use wood prone to splintering, safer. You could also sand and finish your brush, but I did not think it worth it for such a quick and replacable project. That is to say, if the easy foam brush gives at some point, I can easily make a new one.

It also occurred to me that you could easily make shaped brushed simply by cutting a piece of foam to the desired shape, for example to hit a corner or a profile.

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