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Welcome to the Sketches-Categorie, where I post scans of the plans I make for the larger projects or those I expect to be large enough. These sketches contain the ideas I use in the eventual project, but also a host of unused ones that are prone to inspire you.

In these sketches, I try to come at a project idea from most conceivable angles, figuring out different methods to achieve a certain outcome. Thus, I come across a number of ideas that do not make the final cut (literally in most cases). But they still have the potential to inspire you, and give you ideas for your own projects.

Since I try to cram as much as I can into any sketch, and do not know how much room I actually need, the writing tends to be a little small. I do my best to make it legible, but if there is something you cannot decipher let me know and I’ll help!

Sketches to inspire you!

Shop Cart System – a Sketch

Shop carts are a cornerstone of workshop furniture everywhere, offering versatility and adaptability to various tools and storage ideas. You can find the important points for you to navigate this particular sketch for my shop cart concept below!

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