Shot Barrel – Barrel-Shaped Shadowbox

We have a collection of neat shot glasses, mostly from medieval fairs. I wanted to make a stylish home for them and decided that they would look best in a barrel – a Shot Barrel! And in order to save on space, it would have to be a thin slice, just deep enough for the shots. Enjoy, and please share if you found this interesting! And as always, remember to be Inspired!

Original ideas for the Shot Barrel

I have put some thought into this project, although admittedly, most of them did not survive actual contact with the workshop.

I worked through several shapes for the Shot Barrel before ending up with the classic round one. The main contender was the oval shape, which I believe is a common barrel design, although I assume that it is mostly more of an ornamental thing. It would have been an interesting challenge to make such a shape, possibly with different lengths of mitered pieces in sets of four.

Another idea that was there at the conception of this idea was to have doors on it. You can see several versions bottom center on the sketch – including fancy ones without hinges but the two halves being able to turn against each other. Which is something I would expect from a more 70s design, and it would be a lot more complex than any hinged design conceivable for a more medieval Shot Barrel.

Sketch for the Shot Barrel

Thanks for stopping by! If this projects inspires you I have more where that one came from. And if you are looking for something different, I can do weird, too.

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