The Dragon’s Flight – Whirligig Wars 2014 entry

There it is, my entry for the 2014 Whirligig Wars. As glimpsed in Tooby’s Poem, it is a dragon in flight, beating it’s huge wings to escape a dark and menacing storm front in search for… Well, I could spin the marketing speech around hope and inspiration further, but I do not want to overdo it – if that is still possible.

Lets I forget, I used Matthias Wandel’s GearGenerator to make the gear template.


Build a cat food station

Build a rather simple cat food station with bowls for wet food and a chute for dry food that also serves as a self-serving storage unit. The project is neither very pretty nor exceptionally fine, but it provided me with a large number of learning opportunities and gave me the chance to try out some techniques that I have never done before, like using my router’s guide bushing.


Pallet horn from reclaimed boards

Make a pallet horn from reclaimed boards, one that you can actually play. Well, at least one note, but that is perfect for a call to war – or at least supper. The sound it makes is determined by both the length and the shape, so every one made will be unique. Still, it is a fun project, not only making an instrument yourself but also making one that is not a common one.


Roof side decoration

This is a simple way to disguise ugly gaps that may occur on roof sides after shingling, where insulation or slats may be visible. This is also a great way to create elaborate and flexible patterns with virtually no scrap. There are some free patterns on the Template page. I should add, you can extend them easily by gluing them up to one another. (more…)

2×4 competition entry – Young Woodworker’s Toolchest

Introducing the Young Woodworker’s Toolchest. So It finally has arrived – my entry to Summer’s Woodworking’s 2×4 competition, after hours and hours of trash talking (and procrastinating). It is meant as a toy (for children, not the kind that comes with a plug and push sticks) and contains a collection of basic woodworking tools. I made a mallet, two chisels, an angle gauge, a measuring stick, a square, a handsaw and a plane.