14 Ways to make a Tealight Holder

You probably know that I do enjoy a good tealight holder as much as the next person who is into such a thing. This time I wanted to challenge myself to find more ways to make them, and thus challenge you to be inspired and make your own!

Is there more?

To make it short, yes, I believe there is. There are so many tools out there, many developed or used for special tasks, that could also create the indentation needed to house a tealight. To take things further, there are other materials than wood, hard as that may be to believe. Let me give you a few examples:

  • you can cast tealight holders using gypsum. There are even forms that you can buy, that will give you beautiful tealight holders that you only need paint. There are also many ways to make your own molds, from wood over wax to silicone compounds.
  • clay (or modeling clay) can be used to make very personal tealight holders – mainly because the challenge here is to make the items look like they were not made by hand. This is not to say that they should look machine-made. Not at all. You should just be aware of the fact and embrace it.
  • Metal pipes cut to length can serve as tealight holes, and can be used either welded to a plate with a matching hole cut out. It can also be combined with other materials.

Another way to go to get “more” is to abandon tealights – I know it sounds blasphemous, and we will entertain the thought only for a short bit. But there are other candles that you can make holders for, and you can use any of the techniques shown here to accommodate them – be they thicker or thinner as the seminal tealight.

This will be especially useful if you happen to have a mold of a specific size or a large stockpile of other candle dimensions. Just keep in mind the safety that is inherent to a tealight. Make sure the candles cannot topple easily, neither with the holder nor from it.

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The Secret to an even better Tealight Holder

Yet another secret that I am sharing with you? Yes, and it is a rather new discovery, too, at least for me. I will come right out and say it – to make your tealight holder unique, you really need to make your own tealights. There, I said it. It really is as simple as that.

Thanks for stopping by. If you feel inspired by what I do please let me know one way or another – I would love to see pictures of your projects, even if they are not tealight holders. And if you like what you see, subscribe to my newsletter so you never miss a new release.

And as always, remember to be Inspired!

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