Dioramas have been something that I enjoyed doing for quite a while now. I simply enjoy recreating something large on a scale where it is perfectly fine to omit details, and maybe that is all the reason for it that I need.

The “What have I done” series is my way of showing you what I have done in the past, and I believe that you will find one or two things in every video that is prone to spawn inspiration. Even if not, I do hope they provide you some mild entertainment.

If you are looking for newer projects you can find them here. Less normal things can be found among the weird stuff. And if you like what you see subscribe to my newsletter so you never miss another release.

Thanks for stopping by, and remember to Be Inspired!


It is my passion and mission to inspire you, no matter what you do - woodworking and making, cooking, or roleplaying and paper crafting. Be inspired!


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