An Unturned Bangle – My Contribution to Bangle Bowl 2014

The Bangle Bowl is an event initiated by Kyle Toth and Zac Higgins for the sheer fun of woodworking and making sawdust. There are two categories, turned and unturned, i.e. with and without the lathe. Since I do not own a proper lathe or the skills to go with it – yet – I opted to make an unturned bangle. It is my first bangle, and thus I learned a lot from it, including not to make them too flimsy. Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!


The Dragon’s Flight – Whirligig Wars 2014 entry

There it is, my entry for the 2014 Whirligig Wars. As glimpsed in Tooby’s Poem, it is a dragon in flight, beating it’s huge wings to escape a dark and menacing storm front in search for… Well, I could spin the marketing speech around hope and inspiration further, but I do not want to overdo it – if that is still possible.

Lets I forget, I used Matthias Wandel’s GearGenerator to make the gear template.


2×4 competition entry – Young Woodworker’s Toolchest

Introducing the Young Woodworker’s Toolchest. So It finally has arrived – my entry to Summer’s Woodworking’s 2×4 competition, after hours and hours of trash talking (and procrastinating). It is meant as a toy (for children, not the kind that comes with a plug and push sticks) and contains a collection of basic woodworking tools. I made a mallet, two chisels, an angle gauge, a measuring stick, a square, a handsaw and a plane.