The Dragon’s Flight – Whirligig Wars 2014 entry

There it is, my entry for the 2014 Whirligig Wars. As glimpsed in Tooby’s Poem, it is a dragon in flight, beating it’s huge wings to escape a dark and menacing storm front in search for… Well, I could spin the marketing speech around hope and inspiration further, but I do not want to overdo it – if that is still possible.

Lets I forget, I used Matthias Wandel’s GearGenerator to make the gear template.

Like I mentioned in the entry video, I did record over seven hours of video footage during the build, including several design iterations that I had to scrap for several reasons. I will go into more detail in an upcoming post, but the gist is that I cannot make a proper build video about this without blowing the video length up, and even so I think it would be pretty boring.

Right now I am sorting through those files – 73GB to be precise – in order to pick out the interresting and important bits, but that might take a while, especially considering that I have other projects in the works that were forced on the back burner by the need to get the Whirligig done in time.

I am hoping that there will be more entries yet, not only to support the good cause of the Make-a-Wish foundation but also for the sheer amount of inspiration that each and every Whirligig I have seen brings to the table. So join while there is still time! And yes, I have another Whirligig of sorts that I am working on…

As always, thanks for reading, and for watching!

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