Multifunctional Fire Blanket Holder – Kitchen Utensil Challenge

Ever had a kitchen fire? We were lucky thus far – except that one time when a friend made strawberries flambé – but it cannot hurt to be prepared. A surface to make notes or take down dish wishes comes in handy, as well. And a calendar. And a place to keep important notes and sheets. From free wood? Without any measuring? Too much to ask? Of course not! Enjoy this fire blanket holder build, and remember to be Inspired!

Also check out the other participants in this, the Kitchen Utensil Challenge, which can be found below. And of course, feel free to join in and make your own kirchen utensils to share with everyone!

2015 Kitchen Utensil Build Challenge Participants

Patrick’s Work Shop
Nick Ferry
Ted Alexander
Diy Tyler
McGinn’s WoodShop
Rich McNatt
Steve Carmichael
Dominic’s Woodworks
Alistair Darroch
Dale Weinke
Stephan  Pöhnlein
Adventures in DIY
Mike Fulton
Joe Whittaker
Peter Brown
Sterling Davis
Cy’s Corner
Jason Rausch
Rock-n-H Woodshop
The Nomadic Polywright Show
Andrea Arzensek
Wildman Projects
Fabian’s Tiny Workshop
Darbin Ovar
Wood ‘n’stuff w/ Steve French
Izzy Swan
Grady Hillhouse
Chris Pine
Matthew Cremona
Eric Lindberg
Jack Houweling
RJB WoodTurner
Nicholas Gomez
Mark Chritopher
Jay Bates
Woodworking Maniak
Dema’s Woodshop
Summers  WoodWorking


Thanks for watching, and for checking out all these other fine channels! And as always, remember to Be Inspired!

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