Hooty from The Owl House

Say hello to Hooty, the newest addition to my shop. After the Cultists sent a dragon after me (see Coat Hanger Dragon, Turned Dragon, and Board Dragon) I felt I needed some protection. And there is nothing I’d rather have guarding my workspace than an ancient House Demon. So I made one!

Hooty is a character on The Owl House, and a favorite of mine. If you never watched the show you really should, but only after you finished watching this video. In this case, the video took a lot longer to finish than I had hoped or anticipated, but I am happy with how it came together in the end.

Unlike some other projects, this one has found a place right outside my shop and will stay there, probably for good. And I think as I was closing in on finishing this, I realized that this would actually be a big boon as far as project happiness goes. I have made many things that I was happy with, but then they ended up in one kind of storage or another. This one will give me a reminder of things I managed to finish every time I walk past my shop!

If you want more dragon-related projects you can find them listed above. For a more general overview, with projects either like this or completely different, check out this list. And if you want to discuss things I invite you to join my Discord.

Thanks for stopping by, and remember to Be Inspired!

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