Dragon made from Coat Hangers

For some reason, I felt the need to make a dragon from plastic coat hangers. While I have had this idea for a while, it turned out way easier than I had expected, despite some humps along the way. Now if only that had helped against the thing currently lurking outside my workshop.

Beyond a dragon, there is a lot you can do with plastic things and a hot air gun (affiliate link in case you need one). As it said in the video, ventilation is important. Who knows what kind of fumes come off the plastic in front of you, especially if you get it a little too hot.

Also, make sure not to burn yourself. I made that mistake at first, bevore I picked up some pliers, so you don’t have to. There are gloves that can stand the heat, at least for a bit, but those are prone to leave textures on the semi-molten material, so I did not look into those any further. I can think of some pieces to make that would benefit from the ability to squeeze and mush the material more than with just pliers.

If that video – or any other projects of mine – inspire you to make something yourself I would love to see it. Also, if you could comment on that (or any) video with “Inspired!”, that would be awesome.

Thanks for watching! And as always, remember to Be Inspired!

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