Board Dragon – Yet another Dragon Project

The Board Dragon is my second dragon project (after the Coat Hanger Dragon). The dragon sent by the cult is still outside my shop, and I need to think about ways to get rid of it soon. For now, I’ll run with the dragon theme inspiration to try out some things – like this rather odd representation of what may or may not be a dragon bade from oak boards.

I am not quite happy with this build, but at least it proves the concept. The main idea that I wanted to try with the board dragon works – the compound cut square that resembles wings. If I had more time I would have tried to get the “tail” to fit as a third contact point. I hope to be able to devote more time to single projects in the future, but this time, it was a case of getting it done on time.

If you want to get updates and chat with me, join me on Discord. If you are looking for more inspiration and ideas for projects, you can find a lot of those in the archives. I would appreciate you commenting with “Inspired!” if you are, it would help me out a lot. Until then, on that note, remember to Be Inspired!

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