Turned Dragon – Maybe the last Dragon Project?

As you know, there’s still a dragon outside my shop. I tried to woe it with a dragon made from coat hangers as well as one made from a board, but to no avail. So now I decided to turn things around by (mostly) turning a dragon in order to make a turned dragon turn the big dragon away. Makes sense, right?

Like I said in the video, I could have prettied this one up in several ways. I did not, because the video needed to get out – a tradeoff when you want to get a video out every week. And I ran a day late already. Frankly, I like how it looks enough to keep it around. Otherwise, I would probably test the two methods I outlined – scorching and painting – on the two wings. But if you achieve something remotely cute-looking, you don’t want to risk it lightly.

If you enjoyed this project I recommend that you check out all the other videos you can find here. There are also some woodturning ones in there if that kinda thing turns you on. If you want to connect and get more frequent updates you should join me on Discord. Don’t forget to comment “Inspired!” if you are.

On that note, until next time, and remember to Be Inspired!

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