In this video I make a conch shell type horn from three layers of board. You can download the free template here. The horn I made is based on the templated printed on A4/letter sized paper, you could easily enlarge it to make bigger horns. Most of the cutting is done on the bandsaw, and with a smaller blade you might even get away without resorting to the scroll saw. Check out this easy to make horn that even looks nice. The video also incorporates a first glimpse at my multi purpose router table sled which includes a pin router attachment (which I am using for this project).

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Виктор · December 5, 2015 at 3:58 am

Conch shells can be used as wind instruments . They are prepared by cutting a hole in the spire of the shell near the apex , and then blowing into the shell as if it were a trumpet, as in blowing horn . Sometimes a mouthpiece is used, but some shell trumpets are blown without one.

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