Roof side decoration

This is a simple way to disguise ugly gaps that may occur on roof sides after shingling, where insulation or slats may be visible. This is also a great way to create elaborate and flexible patterns with virtually no scrap. There are some free patterns on the Template page. I should add, you can extend them easily by gluing them up to one another.

A quick guide to make your own roof side patterns

Let us say you have a board – basically a rectangular piece of wood. Here is what the pattern has to comply with:

  • start and end centered on the board so you can put more templates together.
  • draw a pattern gtom the starting point to the center of the length of the template and then flip it around the center point by 180°

Sounds complicated, so let me illustrate: How to make a roof side template.                   Of course you could also use an asymetrical template to create more advanced patterns, but you should alsays make a “dry run” on paper first to get an idea of how it looks.

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