Spray Scrap Project – Cosmic Bone Wand

It started out with a scrap piece from an old chair, but it might have been a practice turning or a couple of pieces stuck together with hot glue. I ended up with a perfectly servicable wand that is far from perfect, but perfectly suited to help you escape a funk. Maybe the Spray Scrap challenge is for you, too?

Sometimes the drive for perfection can keep you from even starting a project. In my experience, everyone has been there to an extent. It usually hits me during the editing of my projects. There is always another scene to spice up the narrative, another Cult comment to hand-craft and add to make the video just a bit better.

Spray Scrap vs. Perfection

But perfection never comes. There’s that 80/20 thing (where 20% of the work lead to 80% of the outcome). There’s also the fact that with intimate knowledge of the process you gain an intimate knowledge of all the mistakes you inevitably make. One solution that I found is to forego perfection. An unfinished project that is almost perfect gives you nothing, while 10 mediocre finished ones will. The Spray Scrap challenge is just the way to get there.

Making things is easier than our brains want us to think. It is out expectations that keep us from appreciating how amazing the things are we get to create, no matter the craft, no matter the tools. Share your sprayed scraps with me, and let me know if this technique helped you to break through your personal funk.

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Thanks for watching, and Be Inspired!

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