Category: Adventures in the Workshop

Adventures in the Workshop is the name of a series of videos in which I will show my kids how to use different tools in my workshop.

I have had them in the shop as helpers several times before, mainly when it came to painting tose projects that needed to be really colorful. But it started in earnest when Nina, my oldest, asked whether she could make something herself. Back then, I handed her a fretsaw and she cut out a christmas tree from thin plywood.

From there, the concept of “Adventures in the Workshop” was born. In every video, I will present Nina (or her sister Sonja) with a tool. We will talk about safety and control, and we will use the tool. We will make mistakes, because they are the best way to learn, and every now and then we tackle a project using the tools we have learned about.

So join us and follow Nina, Sonja and myself on our Adventures in the Workshop!