Control Materials – Overview

Apparently, I enjoy the game Control. And in that game, you can collect materials that you need to construct mods and upgrades. But instead of physical things like wood, vespin gas, or soul gems, these are of a rather metaphysical nature. They do not have an actual graphical representation in the game, but symbolic icons that mark them as they drop to the ground.

And they intrigue me. After mulling over them for a while I decided to write about them, and ways I think they would look like and could be reproduced, if anyone was inclined to do such an outlandish thing… (Another series? Don’t mind if I do.)

Overview of Control Materials

First of, I do not know how many of these have an interesting real-world manifestation. Some might just be fuel for thought (which would be another interesting materials), but that’s okay. This list is just to give you an idea what the heck I am talking about. Over time, I will add links as I write them up.

Control material assets

So, without unnecessary in-game information, here are the Control Materials:

  • Astral Blip
  • Confiscated Motive
  • Corrupted Sample
  • Entropic Echo
  • Hidden Trend
  • House Memory
  • Intrusive Pattern
  • Remote Thought
  • Ritual Impulse
  • Shaded Facet
  • Shifting Fragment
  • Threshold Remnant
  • Undefined Reading
  • Untapped Potential

I think you get the idea. None of these are meant to be represented by physical items, but I am sure you can see why it would be interesting to try finding at least some, either despite or because of that premise.

More Control

While this list is a work in progress, you can check out my HRA and my Hotline, as well as a number of not Control related projects. I also have an ongoing series about Control Materials as magic items for your roleplaying games. If you have feedback or questions, join me on Discord.

And as always, remember to Be Inspired!

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