Wooden Tentacles – The second Monster-in-a-Can!

The weirdest things can happen to cans left too long on the shelf. Some might even grow wooden tentacles, which is, bar the real thing, the best kind to have – or to make!

As promised, this is the second iteration of the Monster-in-a-Can-Theme. Who knows, maybe more will come. Well, if course I know. At least I have some ideas, so I imagine that this was not the last can off my shelf to come alive. It might be some time because I have other, more seasonal things lined up. Which is also to say that wooden tentacles can be made and used for whatever purpose all year long, not just on Halloween!

While this may not be another can-monster, I did a follow-up on how to make these tentacles! Check it out and don’t forget to hit buttons (like and subscribe are my favorites).

I did also write an Instructable on the subject, which goes into a lot more detail and alludes to dying stars for whatever reason.

Thanks for checking out my squiddlys, and I am pretty sure I’m never going to say that again. If you want more weirdness you should check out my less serious projects, which some say refers to all my projects. I will let you be the judge of that.

Let me know what you think, subscribe to my newsletter and share your wooden tentacles with me. And as always remember to Be Inspired!

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