Monster in a Can – the First of its Kind

Recently I got to wonder what happens to forgotten tin cans. Will they develop into a proper civilisation if left to their own devices for too long? Or congeal into a single being bent on revenge and retribution? In this video, I try to give the “monster in a can” shape and show you how you can make holes into tin cans.

This is going to be the first of a few designs that I want to experiment with, depending on the personality of what actually comes out of the can. Look forward to those, for no matter how hideous and malevolent they may be, they will come to a channel near you soon. Soon-ish. And that channel is mine, in case you were wondering.

I hope this video gave you some ideas, and inspired you to give some old cans new life. Please share whatever you make (or find) inside your own cans with me – and everyone else!

On a side note, if you enjoyed the “monster in a can” then please share my content far and wide. That really helps me make more things and grow my presence in order to Inspire more people.

I can recommend to you a choice of projects on the one hand and a little bit of weird on the other. Take your pick and stick with it!

Thanks for watching, and remember to Be Inspired

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