Wand Box with the Help of ShadowFoam

Magic is dangerous, and I won’t let a stray wand shot give me away – even though it was not even really me who demanded the duel. So I decided to make something to hold all my present and future wands using ShadowFoam to contain their magic. So lean back and enjoy, because the cult is still around!

A word on Shadowfoam (check it out here not an affiliate link). I met them in person at Maker’s Central and began wondering what I could use their product for. Not what their foam could be used for in general – there are plenty of examples on their homepage and on YouTube. No, I was considering how I could use it in a way that may not have been a hundred times before. I have more ideas yet, but I’d love to know what you think about this solution!

If you enjoyed this project, check out these here for more. And if the magic wands met your fancy, I have got you covered. Because Cultist 2 was right. There are videos.

Thank you for watching, and Be Inspired!

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