Goo Diorama to Protect my Shop from the Cult

After the recent Cult shenanigans I have decided that I need more protection in and for my shop. Who knows what else they will try with their imminent audit looming large. And based on a completely unrelated premise in physics, I have landed on a Goo Diorama to keep my shop safe. I mean, who wouldn’t?

It has been a while since I last posted a video. I’m still around and still active, and I wish I could say that some special projects took up all my time that I just cannot talk about. But that is not the case. As you can probably tell by the Cult’s latest podcast episode, it’s more a matter of brains making things more fun. I am doing okay overall, but I really want to get more content out. And I am trying to get there. Your support means the world to me, and I strive to inspire you. Or at least entertain.

If you are looking to make something yourself, whether it be goo balls or not, a tool that no maker should be without is a hot glue gun (affiliate link). It helped me a lot in this project. While the result may not always be the pretiest, it is the fastest way to connect any two items together while still remaining flexible and, in many cases, reversible.

Tool Recommendation
a goo ball staring at the camera, part of the goo-diorama

Thank you! I hope you enjoyed the Goo Diorama and if you did, why not check out my other projects and share what you enjoy? I’d appreciate that!

And remember to Be Inspired!

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