Bend Plastic Pipe – More than a Pipe Dream

The most important thing in the world – at least from a goo ball’s perspective – is the pipe. I wanted to add a pipe to my goo ball sculpture, but it did not really fit well with the project. So I decided to turn it into a separate video, and while I will not force my completely immobile goos to look down a pipe they can never reach, maybe knowing how to bend plastic pipe will come in useful for your next project!

The hot air gun (affiliate link) is a versatile tool in any shop. Beyond bending plastic pipes, it is useful to make paint (and, if you are careful, even latex) dry quicker, make wax malleable and apply heat quickly and localised for a number of other, weirder ideas.

Dominic’s tool recommendation

Please share this if you think it useful, and let me know in the comments what you will bend plastic pipe it for. And while I have you here, why not take a look at the other projects I have made? I am sure you can find more Inspiration there.

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