The Matchmaker and the Cult – Ginny Di POV Response

What would you do if you were a mildly inconvenient Cult looking for new members to advance your scheme to become evil? I don’t know, but the Cult chose to enlist the services of a matchmaker to find some suitable candidates. This is once again a reply to one of Ginny Di‘s magnificent POV videos.

Thanks again to Ginny Di for making the Matchmaker POV video and the other cool and elaborate character building exercises. While the Cult does not need to build any character – they are well set there – it is still a lot of fun to do these replies.

There is another one, the Healer, which I might tackle at some point. It would definitely be fun to come up with a reason for the Cultists to seek out her services. Rest assured, there will be project videos in between. But I doubt the Cult will go anywhere.

three cultists, the rightmost one surrounded by a halo of darkness, as they visit a matchmaker for an interview
Cultist 2 remembers something.

If you enjoyed this one, have a look at the previous Cult video – the interview with the Tiefling Augury. I generally do more projects in my videos (that is to say, between zero and one) and you can find my project videos here. More in line with this video, weird things can be found here.

Until next time, Be Inspired!

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