The Cult Interview – How Evil are They?

This video has been a lot of fun to make, but for a change it does not include a project. Instead, the Cult is proving once more that they are getting out of hand. They are interviewing for a position in an evil organisation curtesy of Ginny Di who made this PoV-video as a roleplaying character building exercise. If you enjoy the Cult interview please share it!

The cult hat been a staple in my workshop for quite a while now. They even started a podcast, although it is currently onh hiatus on account of them getting audited by the cult classification commission. Make sure to check it out, though, because I am sure they would appreciate it. And a bigger audience will help them in their eventual bid to get that “evil”-rating.

The Cult interview is not my usual kind of content, but it was enough fun to make to consider tackling Ginny Di’s other POV videos at some point. As usual, I would love to hear your feedback on that – and everything else. For a better idea about what I do on average, check out my projects. And to temper that idea, here is some more weird stuff for you.

Thanks for stopping by, and until next time – Be Inspired!

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