Key of Aaravos to ward my Workshop

After getting a set of cheap carving chisels, I was looking for something to make with them. When I heard that the Cult wanted to thwart me (in the “In the Spire” Podcast) I knew I had to do more to magically ward my shop against what they might do, far-fetches as it may seem. The end result just happened to look like the Key of Aaravos from the Dragon Prince. Amazing how these things happen, isn’t it?

What would you do if there was a slim chance the Cult might attack your shop?

Procrastinating on the Key of Aaravos

This video took way longer than I anticipated. The project itself wasn’t expecially demanding, but I spent weeks not daring to cut into the wood, fearing I might ruin something. Classic procrastination at its best. The main issue was that I started adding background texture to one rune but did not like it. After a month I decided to try to fix it, and managed to do it by using one of the tools in a slightly different fashion. And from there on out I added the texture to every rune and liked it, too!

To glue the Key of Aaravos up, I used a very special kind of gluecheck the video where I show you how I made it!

Sometimes, it pays to give a project time. But other times, a project might be doomed to fail and you should just quit. Maybe there is a better way to do it, and you will give it another try later. The hard part is knowing the difference – something I am still working on.

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Thanks for stopping by, and as always, remember to Be Inspired!

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