Foldable Blackboard for Special Offers

To help my kids announce their toy kitchen’s special offers, I made a foldable blackboard using blackboard paint. You know, akin to those real restaurants used before the pandemic (and will use again, I imagine). Ever since I 3d-printed some items for them to use in their toy kitchen, my kids have been playing in it more and more. The amount of weird dishes is rising constantly, and eyeballs are not even the most outlandish ingredient.

The blackboard paint I used stood on my shelf for a couple of years (about 10, I think). It was still good, using three coats in total. But the way it smelled, solvent-based, brought back memories of decades past – a weird feeling after not using that kind of paint in ages. If you want to try it yourself, check out this blackboard paint (affiliate link) which looks better than what I used – although, full disclosure, I have not used that particular brand.

foldable blackboard, standing on a table saw
A foldable blackboard for all toy kitchen daily specials.

I hope this inspires you to make something for your kids, or, let’s face it, for yourself. Because you are perfectly capable of enjoying a good folding blackboard on your own. I will admit that writing on it is fun for some arcane reason.

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Thanks for stopping by, and until next time – Be Inspired!

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