The Pallet-Kitchen – Pallet Upcycle Contest Entry

This is my entry to Sterling Davis’ Pallet Upcycle Challenge. The idea is to make something nifty out of a pallet, and I decided to build a toy kitchen for my kids for christmas. And even though that was not part of the contest rules, I made it from a single pallet. Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

Check out the Challenge!

Working with pallet wood is not only fun, but also a good way to recycle and to give your budget a break, since they are usually free. If you need to get hold of some ask around locally – while many pallets are in circulation, i.e. get taken back to where they came from to be used again (which is a good thing, too), some are one-way, single-use, and their final owners will be happy if you take some off their hands.

And in addition to the general great feeling that you can safely associate with pallet wood and projects, Sterling Davis has put together a nice batch of prices that can be won. It is a challence, not a contest, because the winners will be selected at random. There will not be any judging, which can be a good thing, too, and it levels the playing field,

The only downside is that the challenge ends december 24th, so there is not much time to get in anymore.

The Pallet Pal

I have mentioned it before, but I can only recomment Izzy Swan’s pallet pal as a choice tool to dismantle pallets. While it is the only PDA (pallet dismanteling assistant) that I have tried to far, it is also the best that I have found. Check out the plans avaliable at Izzy’s website, well worth the investment.

As always, thanks for reading and watching, and Be Inspired!

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