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Death of Rats (on the left)

This is me!

I am Dominic (on the right) and I am here to inspire you. Between projects from my workshop, tabletop roleplaying and fantasy cooking, I am sure there is something here for you. Not to mention the mildly inconvenient cult that has taken an interest in what I do.

Be Inspired with Dominic

Here you can find my projects that relate to woodworking, woodturning and general making. Expect inspiration with a side of silliness. Also, I seem to have caught the eye of a cult.






Walking Papercut

Tabletop roleplaying inspiration and papercraft to enrich your battlemaps.

Jabbado's Kitchen

Fantasy cooking for a more immersive (roleplaying) experience!


Every now and then I have physical things for sale. Add my shop to your favorites & never miss an opportunity! (Warning: May contain tea light holders)

the cult in a bohemian rhapsody arrangement

In the Spire

The Cult's podcast. Don't know the Cult? Start here and watch more of my videos!

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