Duct Tape Hinges – Make a Spray Booth

Space is at a premium in most shops. Having things that fold down to store flat are a great way to make the best of it. In this video I show you how I used duct tape hinges to make a simple and effective fold flat spray booth from foam core. Be Inspired!

I used foam core to make my booth. It is lightweight and not that expensive. But as you saw, it has one major drawback. You cannot remove duct tape without damaging the layer of paper on it. Which is probably not a big deal but something to keep in mind. Especially since the solvents used in some spray paints might dissolve the foam. But an easy solution to that, should you need to fix some tape gone wrong, is to cut it and start over instead of removing it.

If ou enjoyed the duct tape hinges, check out the other workshop improvements I have shared, including some Quick & Dirty ones. And if you liked the cult commentary and want more of it, have a look at my most recent videos.

And as always, remember to Be Inspired!

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