Category: Quick & Dirty

Quick & Dirty projects are those that allow you to do more, either by solving a projlem or by streamlining a process. Sometimes they save you time, other times it is money that they help you keep.

The idea behind these projects is that old engineer adage, “As complex as it needs to be, as simple as it can be”. Sometimes, doing things the simplest way possible will still yield comparable results to methods that take up much more time. While they may look more polished and refined, the end product will look just the same.

So check out these projects and ideas, and make sure to keep an open mind and do not let yourself be bogged down by conventions and how things have always been done (just do not disregard safety, please). And if you think one of these ideas could be improved upon further, do not hesitate to let me know in the comments!

Full disclosure, these projects do not actually involve dirt. I thought I should point that out, just in case.