Bookends by an impromptu party crasher

Today a project came to pass that Jack Houweling initiated and that I knew absolutely nothing about – how could I, having only recently started making my own videos and barely getting my feet wet so far. Still, I loved the idea and a flash of blind actionism hit me – I had to make some myself. Some what? Some bookends!

. I did not really design anything – I just plowed ahead (without any kind of plan or plane) and made something that would actually serve the purpose. It is neither unique (I watched Steve Carmichael’s bookend video while I was working on mine and I would like to clarify that I by no means meant to copy his work, nor Izzy Swan’s by using the log) nor pretty nor nice, and I do not claim to be anywhere near in skill or experience to the other participants. All I do claim is that I have racked up quite a number of “skill building opportunities” for myself.

Steve Ramsey has a list of all those fine, funny and unique bookend projects in his blog, which you can find here:

I actually rushed my video, fueled by a rather childish desire to be part of a group, but I hope you can nevertheless enjoy what I did and take it for what it is meant to be – an homage to the woodworkers I am aspiring to follow. Yes, I will shut up now.

If you are interested in my projects – keeping in mind that here is whate I started my journey – you can find them here. Over the years, I have also done some weirder things that might be worth a look. If you enjoy what you see subscribe to my email list so you never miss a new release.

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