Winged Tealight Holder without Lathe

Someone recently challanged Carl Jacobson to make a winged tealight holder. It was kind of an open challange as far as I understood it, so how could I resist? Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

The usual Variations

This projects relies heavily on the bandsaw, so it is not that easy to simply replace it with another tool. While a table saw might be able to resaw somewhat – given you have a zero clearance insert – it will not be able to cut out the shape, and while a jigsaw can do shapes it cannot easily resaw.

So the trick here would be to achieve the outcome using a different technique – skip the resawing and instead cut single pieces from thin stock, possibly even the really thin plywood used for model making. This would allow you to use a scrollsaw for this project, too.

If you try making something like this yourself, you could experiment with different angles for the wings, and maybe insetting them into the tealight holder for a more flowing design. If you make one, please send me pictures so I can share them.


Thanks for reading and watching, and remember to be Inspired!

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