Whiteboard, upcycled, in four styles to suit your needs!

A Whiteboard is a cool thing to have around. They offer the permanence of paper notetaking with a glimpse of the versatility found on digital devices. From shopping lists to planning your week, a whiteboard always comes in handy. Here I show you how you can easily make your own out of old glass fridge shelves. Please share this with your friends, and remember to be Inspired!

Can I use “real” glass?

I would not recommend using non-safety glass, for the simple reason that it is not as safe. After all, you are still hanging a piece of glass on the wall, and it will most likely see some stress (especially if you have kids). While safety glass makes a mess, I would still prefer relatively dull pieces of glass confetti everywhere to actually sharp shards.

An advantage of non-safety glass would be that you can use glass cutters to bring them to size. With the fridge shelves, you are limited to the sizes you have on hand. I do like the size, though. It makes for a good-sized whiteboard and saves you coming up with better measurements. Also, breaking glass to size always comes with the risk of breaking off too much.

If you want to use non-safety glass, you can, of course. I would not use it for version #4 under any circumstances, or at least not with pieces that I cut myself. Unless If it has factory-chamfered edges – or you can file them round yourself – I would not trust a piece of string to hold that.

And if you really want to use non-safety glass, I would recommend adding clear sticky foil to the back to keep the pieces in place should they ever get shattered. It is not safety glass, but better than nothing. Actually, this might be an option for safety glass, too. In an environment where bumping into it hard is an option, it might cut down on the cleanup.

More Ideas for Whiteboard Use

You can make good use of a whiteboard in the kitchen to manage your shopping list. Just snap a picture with your phone when you go shopping. Another great way to utilize it is as a meal-planner where everyone can write down their wishes. Use a weekday template for it to actually put them in the right order, and easily modify it in case things change or take longer to be eaten.

In the workshop, a whiteboard is great for tracking ongoing projects. It can also help you pick up where you left off. Before you leave, take down what to do next. This way, you will get right back into it when you return to the shop.

Of course, you can also track things like workouts or household chores. Something that I think we will use one for is to list all the movies that we want to watch again. As opposed to remembering them in the worst possible moments and then forgetting about them for weeks.

Unwind with a Doodle!

As a final suggestion, a Whiteboard is great for doodling, too. From sketching out designs over mind mapping to plain boredom-drawing during a tedious phone conversation. It cannot hurt to have a whiteboard on your desk. And if you come up with something worth keeping, use your phone to snap a picture for later reference.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you found this project helpful. I would love to see the whiteboard you make, so please send me pictures.  You can find more projects to inspire you here. And if you want things a little less normal, check out the weird stuff.

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