Weekly Update – 29.10.2020

I believe I have established the fact that I am indeed still alive. Not at peak efficiency, but still around. And I would love some feedback! On anything I do! It would really help me focus my scattershot approach to making, as well as give you a better experience for it.


  • The yearly maintenance and set-up of the Death of Rats, our seminal halloween front porch centerpiece. I still want to add something to it this year, but I don’t think I can get it done on time.

Almost(!) Finished:

  • Project pumpkin fire now works the way it was originally envisioned. Three separate units, with the code updated to pick a different color scheme whenever powered on – which, through a timer, would be every evening and probably morning while it’s dark enough. (What’s not finished? Sharing pictures and also the new code (probably in the next update)).

Working on:

  • Printing the Mechanical Planetarium from Thingiverse, or as I call it, learning about how badly set-up my printer really is, its lack of accuracy and the limits of my own nerves. But a few gears to mesh, and believe me it is satisfying.
  • A proof of concept magic wand light set-up, which I technically finished, but since it is not the final project I put this here. (Also no pictures yet because my desk is a Mess).
  • Cleaning up my shop. I am “seeing land” in the form of actual free real estate on my work benches. Still not quite feeling productive, though.
  • Also, still improving the List of Artists. I am mainly working “under the hood”. This week I added the ability to pretty much add people via an admin panel as opposed to writing them straight into the database.
  • Still editing my “newest” video, just so you know I havn’t forgotten. One thing I recently realized is that the longer a project takes, the less motivated I am. And by that I mean lack of time and opportunity, not because the actual making takes long. Of course I hope to break out of this cycle, but until I do I will still fight it and try to get this video out, if only to make room for new ones. 

Please let me know what you think! And if you feel like supporting my collected efforts I’d greatly appreciate that!

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