Weekly Update 25.11.2020

Greetings Inspired Ones!

For starters, I have decided to move this over to my homepage. Patreon is all well and good if you feel what I do warrants a buck a month, but the argument has been made that you don’t actually find people over there who are not already interested in your stuff in the first place. So on the homepage it goes, and I hope my productivity (or lack thereof) can still inspire you.


Working on:

  • My next videos! Yes, two videos, one of which won’t be a project video but will feature the Cut heavily to make up for it.
  • Improving my green screen situation by cutting the screen I have to a size that actually fits where I am using it. This might sound unrelated, but it will save me so much hassle when I need to do stuff in front of the green. Not the cultists, though, because they are totally real!
  • Still working on my 3D printers. Fine-tuning the FDMs, gaining experience with the resin which works better and better with every print.
  • Designed a new miniature holder for paper minis in roleplaying games. The old one has some flaws, and I am trying something I have not done before, so that will be fun.

Not that much done this week, by the looks of it. But one thing I learned (of the many that I subsequently forgot) is that two days or weeks are never the same. It’s hard to remember short-term, but pretty obvious in the long haul. As always, more to come!

That is all for this week. As always, feedback is appreciated!

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