Weekly Update – 21.10.2020

I’m still alive! That’s something I feel inclined to say more and more often as the weeks go by and I still cannot get a video out the door. I have things in the works, and I even get things done, but maybe videos-per-month is not a good metric to go for in my case.

So I have decided to try something different. I will give you weekly updates on what it is that I do and did. This way, you know that I did not just drop off the face of the earth. (And to those not currently among the Inspired Ones on Patreon: this is what you would be supporting if you generously chose to). I’m not sure about the format yet, and I will try to keep it short and sweet. I will also include links whenever possible. 

Another thing, I will probably include things that I am working on that might never make it into the “finished” section. These things happen, but I figure why not share it, maybe it helps.


Working on:

  • Getting to know my SLA printer and learning how not to make a mess (Avatar related project that will hopefully yield an Instructable).
  • Working on my List of Artists. This will come up a lot because I keep improving it. This week, I managed to add more functionality to the admin panel so that hopefully I can add new artists to it through there instead of manually into the database.
  • A system of 3d-printed parts to make light slat-based furniture items from, well, slats.

Let me know what you think. I hope this gives you a better overview over what I do. If you feel like supporting any of this then I would greatly appreciate it, but I hope to inspire you either way.

Be Inspired!


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