Weekly Update 18.11.2020

Greetings Inspired Ones!

I managed to finish a video! I am still not at the top of my game when it comes to sharing it properly to nudge the algorithm, but at least I got something out the door.


  • I made a World-of-Goo inspired piece that will (theoretically) protect my shop! At the very least it will keep an eye on things.
  • I published a first in what I hope to be a series – the P-Card for electronics. Yes, the Picard-pun is fully intentional. It stands for project card, and the idea is that you get to color it the more you work on your project and thus track your progress.
  • I cobbled together a rack for some of my beloved storage solutions, the veggie crates. I used pocket holes and through screws to quickly set this one up, and – as seems to be a theme here – I hope it will help me keep the workbenches clean.
  • Finally got around to painting the spooky minions – or rather, have my kids have a go at them. I printed these way before Halloween (the minions, not the kids), but I guess after Halloween is before Halloween.

What I printed:

  • A lots of DungeonSticks walls (again) – mainly because I enjoy having the printers work for a change, but also because I find them quite versatile in our game. I have not used much of what I am printing, but especially the versatile sets (like ruins or palisades) work well to recreate complex structures on the battle map. Also experimented with spray-painting them for a quick workable effect.
  • I printed the Toilet Paper Merchant. Which speaks for itself.

Working on:

  • More P-Cards are in the works for other kinds of crafts. Still hoping for some feedback.
  • still trying to finish the unnamed prop I mentioned earlier. Things are not going as I hoped, and I think there is some resolution issue with my SLA printer. I need to print some test pieces to check how well it reproduces measurements – which is not a big deal when printing miniatures.

That is all for this week. As always, feedback is appreciated!

Be Inspired!


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