Weekly Update – 04.11.2020

I started these updates to keep you up to date, but also as a way for myself to see what I actually manage to get done – a positive feedback thing, if you will. Problem is, I’m not sure whether that works. I will keep doing them, but I might expand what I put in here. For example, I 3D print things, which takes up time, too. That includes models I designed myself – which I would put here anyway –  as well as things others made, which is what I think I will add going forward. After all, this is still a work in progress, and at least for this week, I feel like progress has been made.


  • We (that is me and members of my family) finished painting a couple of home-printed miniatures for our roleplaying games. This was the first time we actually did this kind of painting, and it was a fun new thing to explore. Credits: we used Heroforge to make the character minis, the Tortle is by Miguel Zavala, the moorbounder is off of Thingiverse and the cats are from Painting Polygons.
  • Made Jabbado’s Halloween dinner – a striped sickler. What is that, you ask? It’s a mock spider that was served ingame in a recent session of one of our campaigns. Not sure who Jabbado is? He’s a culinary gnome and can be found over on JabbadosKitchen. Still have to write up the recipe over there, though!

What I printed:

  • Still working on the Mechanical Planetarium – some gears need to be printed slightly larger to actually fit.
  • Printed some Dungeon Sticks for roleplaying purposes (there are so many cool designs that I wish I had a tray full of) and as a test regarding bed adhesion, which is not a given these days.

Working on:

  • Getting my 3D printers to work. I upgraded my Prusa i3 to Mk3s. I needed to dismantle it anyway because I managed to break off a nozzle in the heat block. It works again now, after more than a week of not cooperating. My other Printer, a Sunlu S8, currently has issues with bed level. I am developing a deeper appreciation for tools that work properly, though.
  • I am also learning to make less of a mess with resin printing. While also related to 3D printing, I want to give this a separate point because I am kinda proud of it. Since my FDM printers are acting up I dedicated more time to masterin the process on my Photon SLA printer, and I think I am getting less messy – for a change.. 
  • And let’s not forget that I am editing my next video! I am myself rather annoyed that I am taking so long – again – but there are reasons. And, sadly, it is not because the project is so involved or awesome. When I started it I thought it would be a quick one in between larger ones. Then, life happened. Frankly, I wish I was done with it and could dare plan further projects.

I’d love to hear what you think! And if you feel like supporting what I do is worth it I’d greatly appreciate that!

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