Weekly(-ish) Update 15.12.2020

Greetings Inspired Ones!

I missed an update or two, but I have been sick last week (not the stuff going around) and the kids are home from school which means they demand more time (because of the stuff going around). 


  • I have finished a companion video to the Goo diorama – Pipe Dream, how to bend plastic pipe. I am trying to do this more often, splitting parts of projects into their own video to give them more room, but also to help with the algorithm.

Working on:

  • I am still trying to fix my 3D-printers. It is not like they are always out, but I had a bad clog that tore off some cables, thus requiring replacement parts. The other is currently experiencing issues with the extruder. Too bad it is so easy to find stuff to print.
  • This is not directly related to my making, but I am currently reading Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master by SlyFlourish. It is already helping me to save time when preparing for the campaigns I am running, thus hopefully freeing up some time for more making. If you are a roleplayer, check it out!

Despite this short update I am hopeful to be more productive again soon. Then again, that is always the case, and I do not have a spotless record when it comes to fulfilling my own expectations. But I will make sure to let you know!

That is all for this week. As always, feedback is appreciated!

Be Inspired!


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