More Room for Winter – Wardrobe Extension

Every winter, our wardrobe has to struggle with all the winter garb we stuff in it – from caps over gloves up to ski pants. There is little to be done about the later, especially since they are not often needed on a daily basis, but I wanted to relieve some of the pressure on the drawer that holds gloves, scarves and caps. Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

Variations or What to take away from this

As you saw in the video, there are many ways to make these, and as usual, a jigsaw or a scroll saw can substitute for a bandsaw.

But what you should take away from this is the concept. By making a piece that fits onto the crown molding of the wardrobe – or any other cupboard – you can add storage capacity that can easily be moved or removed when it is no longer needed. Come summer we will put all the winter gear away and also store the extensions out of sight.

You can adapt the design for many different uses, including – with a little more sturdy build and different holders – for storing plates or bowls in the kitchen. Use the outsides of your cupboards without marring them!

And of course you can apply the same principle to cuboards that do not have crown molding – either by screwing the piece on at the top where it will not be visible, or by making n extension for both sides with the top piece spanning the whole wardrobe. This way, both sides will stabilize each other.

Thanks for reading and watching, and remember to be Inspired!

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