Update 24.12.2020

Greetings Inspired Ones!

it’s almost Christmas, and – no matter what you celebrate – I wish you pleasant days and on top of that health and peace of mind. I think that should cover you, especially in these trying times. I hope I could entertain and inspire you in 2020 when the year seemed to do its utmost to bring everyone down. I would love to hear about what you did on 2020 that made you proud!


  • Finished a video! No project, but I’m still happy how The Cult’s Interview turned out based on a PoV video published by cosplayer Ginny Di, the Cult finds out a little more about who they actually are. Or, maybe, who they are not.
  • I managed to finish two more Project Cards! The PCard Metalworking and PCard Thread-ish are available in Itch.io for free (or however much that bit of coloring project tracking is worth to you).

Working on:

  • I have more videos in the pipeline, specially a larger project that will hopefully come with a spin-off video. Probably next year, though.

That is all for this week. As always, feedback is appreciated! But more importantly, enjoy the holidays as best as you can, and 

Be Inspired!


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